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MiniSAS (SFF-8088) to CX4 (SFF-8470) Cable,MiniSAS (SFF-8088) to CX4 (SFF-8470) Cable Manufacturer

MiniSAS (SFF-8088) to CX4 (SFF-8470) Cable

Part Number
Product Description

MiniSAS (SFF-8088) to CX4 (SFF-8470) Cable
MiniSAS-CX4-Cable-P1M   MiniSAS (SFF-8088) to CX4 (SFF-8470) Cable , 1 Meter 28
MiniSAS-CX4-Cable-P2M   MiniSAS (SFF-8088) to CX4 (SFF-8470) Cable , 2 Meters 28
MiniSAS-CX4-Cable-P3M   MiniSAS (SFF-8088) to CX4 (SFF-8470) Cable , 3 Meters 28
MiniSAS-CX4-Cable-P4M   MiniSAS (SFF-8088) to CX4 (SFF-8470) Cable , 4 Meters 28
MiniSAS-CX4-Cable-P5M   MiniSAS (SFF-8088) to CX4 (SFF-8470) Cable , 5 Meters 28


MiniSAS (SFF-8088) to CX4 (SFF-8470) Cables use cutting edge technology to provide an excellent hybrid cable solution for CX4/InfiniBand and MiniSAS rated switches, network adapters, and storage arrays. These cables have a MiniSAS connector on one end and a CX4 Connector on the opposite end. Each CX4-MiniSAS copper cable permits auto-negotiation between the two connected devices for optimal network throughput. Compatible with 4x Infiniband SDR/DDR and 10 GbE applications.

● Length = 0~5 Meter
● Wire Size (AWG) = 28
● Connector A = CX4 (SFF-8470)
● Connector B = MiniSAS (SFF-8088)
● Conductor: Copper
● High performance 8 pair wire construction
● Low cross-talk and pair-to-pair skew
● Supports 10-Gigabit Ethernet
● Supports 10GBASE-CX4 and SDR/DDR InfiniBand
● RoHS Compliant.
● 5-Year Warranty


● CX4/InfiniBand and MiniSAS rated switches
● Network adapters
● Storage arrays

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