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QSFP-40G-LR4 Transceiver


  •     Compliant with 40G Ethernet IEEE802.3ba and 40GBASE-LR4 Standard
  •     QSFP+ MSA compliant
  •     Compliant with QDR/DDR InfiniBand data rates
  •     Up to 11.2Gbps data rate per wavelength
  •     4 CWDM lanes MUX/DEMUX design  
  •     Up to 10km  transmission
  •     Operating case temperature: 0~70C
  •     Maximum 3.5W operation power
  •     RoHS compliant


  •     40G BASE-LR4 Ethernet Links
  •     InfiniBand QDR and DDR interconnects
  •     Client-side 40G Telecom connections

     This  product is a  transceiver  module designed for 2m-10km optical  communication
applications. The design is compliant to 40GBASE-LR4 of the IEEE P802.3ba standard.
The  module converts  4  inputs  channels (ch) of  10Gb/s  electrical  data  to  4  CWDM
optical  signals,  and  multiplexes  them  into  a  single  channel  for  40Gb/s  optical
transmission. Reversely, on  the  receiver  side,  the  module optically de-multiplexes  a
40Gb/s input into 4 CWDM channels signals, and converts them to 4 channel output
electrical data.
    The central wavelengths of the 4 CWDM channels are 1271, 1291, 1311 and 1331 nm
as  members  of  the  CWDM  wavelength  grid  defined  in  ITU-T  G694.2. It contains  a
duplex  LC  connector  for  the  optical  interface  and  a  148-pin  connector  for  the
electrical interface. To minimize the optical dispersion in the long-haul system, single-
mode fiber (SMF) has to be applied in this module.
    The product is  designed with  form  factor,  optical/electrical  connection  and digital
diagnostic interface  according  to  the  QSFP Multi-Source  Agreement  (MSA). It has
been  designed  to  meet  the  harshest  external  operating  conditions  including
temperature, humidity and EMI interference.

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