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2CH OADM,2 Channel Optical Add/Drop Multiplexer

2CH OADM,2 Channel Optical Add/Drop Multiplexer

Product Description:2 Channel Optical Add/Drop Multiplexer Coarse wavelength division multiplexer (CWDM) utilizes thin film coating technology and proprietary design of non-flux metal bonding micro optics packaging.
Applications: Features:
Low insertion loss WDM/DWDM system
High channel isolation Add/Drop system
High stability and reliability CATV system

Optical Specifications

Parameter 2CH (1D/1A)OADM
Wavelength Range (nm) 1260-1620nm
Operating Wavelength (nm) 1310,1471,1491...1591,1611
Center Wavelength Accuracy (nm) ± 0.5
Channel Spacing (nm) 20x(1,2,3…16,17)
Channel Passband (@-0.5dB bandwidth)(nm) 1310± 50, Others>13
Insertion Loss (dB) Add/Drop Ch. < 1.2
Express Ch. < 1.0
Add/Drop Channel Ripple (dB) < 0.3
Isolation (dB) Add/Drop Ch. >30
Express Ch. >15
Insertion Loss Temperature Sensitivity (dB/°C ) < 0.005
Wavelength Temperature Shifting (nm/ °C ) < 0.002
Polarization Dependent Loss (dB) < 0.10
Polarization Mode Dispersion (ps) < 0.1
Directivity (dB) >50
Return Loss (dB) >45
Power Handling (mW) 300

Environmental Conditions

Operating Temperature -5~+65
Storage Temperature -40~+85
Operating Humidity %RH ≤93
Storage Humidity %RH ≤93

Order Information

OADM - - - - - - - - -
- CH. Spacing CH. Number Add Drop Fiber Package Fiber Type Fiber Length Connector
CH. Spacing C=CWDM Grid
CH. Number 2=2ch,4=4ch,8=8ch
Add 31.. (31,37),(31,37,39),(31,37,39,41)
Drop 47.. (47,51),(47,51,55),(47,51,55,59)
Fiber 1=G652D,2=G657A,X=Others
Package E=100x80x10 plastic case
Fiber Type L=900um Loose tube,S=2.0mm,R=3.0mm
Fiber Length 10=1m,12=1.2m,15=1.5m,20=2.0m
Connector 00=None,FA=FC/APC,FU=FC/PC,SA=SC/APC,

Note: 31=1310nm,37=1370nm,39=1390nm…47=1470nm, 55=1550nm

Packaging Specifications

Package Size (mm) 100×80×10
Package Material ABS
Fiber Type SMF-28e
Pigtail Type 0.9mm/2.0mm/3.0mm Loose Tube
Pigtail Length Customize
Connector Type Customize



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You are here: Home Optical Transceiver 10G SFP+ 8G SFP+ module Displaying items by tag: 2CH OADM