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Athermal AWG DWDM Module

Athermal AWG DWDM Module

Product Description:Yilut's AWG module offers accurate channel and high reliability based on the silica which is from silicon technology and complemented with automated and robust packaging

Key Features: Apllications:
MUX/DEMUX functionality DWDM transmission
Athermal design, electrical power is no required Metro Area Networks
compact package Long Haul Networks
Multi-channel number PON networks
Gaussian, and Flat Top filter shape Building blocks for ROADM
Low Insertion Loss,Low PDL,High Channel Isolation Building blocks for VMUX
Qualified Under Telcordia 1209/1221 and ROHS compliant  

Optical Specifications:

Parameter Unit Value
Min. Max.
Channels   16 48
Channel Spacing GHz 100
Operating Band THz C Band & L Band
Center Wavelength Accuracy nm -0.04 0.04
1dB Bandwidth nm 0.38  
3dB Bandwidth nm 0.56  
Insertion Loss dB   5.5
Ripple dB   0.5
Insertion Loss Uniformity dB   1.5
Adjacent Channel Crosstalk dB   23
Non-Adjacent Channel Crosstalk dB   30
Total Crosstalk dB   21
Polarization Dependent Loss dB   0.5
Polarization Mode Dispersion ps   0.5
Chromatic Dispersion ps/nm -20 20
Return Loss dB 40  
Fiber Input >mm φ0.9
Output Ribbon >  
Fan-out >mm φ0.9

* Note: All the data above does not include connectors.

UPC Connectors: IL add 0.2 dB, APC Connectors: IL add 0.3 dB.

Environmental Conditions:

Parameter Unit Value
Min. Max.
Operating Temperature -5 65
Storage Temperature -40 85
Operating Humidity %RH   93
Storage Humidity %RH   93

Packaging Specifications:

Parameter Unit Value
>Package Size >mm >150×65×16
>Package Material > >ABS

Order Information

Filter Mode F=Flat -Top ;G=Gaussian;B=Broad Gaussian
Channel Spacing 100=100GHz ;200=200 GHz
Operating Band C=C Band; L=L Band;CL=C Band & L Band;X=Others
Channel Number

08=8 Channels;40=40 Channels;48=48 Channels;X=Others

First Channel

C21=C21;C22=C22;L71= L71; X=Others

Common Length

05--20=0.5--2.0m; X=Others

Ribbon Fiber Length 05--20=0.5--2.0m; X=Others
ST=ST/UPC, LU=LC/UPC, LA=LC/APC, 00=None, X=Others
Published in AWG/VOA

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You are here: Home Optical Transceiver 10G SFP+ 8G SFP+ module Displaying items by tag: AWG DWDM